The medal ”The Silver Star” awarded by the Fraternity of Saint George

The distinguished English archery company ”The Fraternity of Saint George” (founded 1509) has given the award ”The Silver Star” to Henrik Arnstad, for his research about the English longbow and for having founded the Stockholm Company of Longbow Archers, the Sagittarii Holmiae.

The award was presented on October 17, 2021, at the regiment The Honourable Artillery Company (founded 1537) in London. Handing over the award was captain Brian Mooyaart of The Fraternity of Saint George.

Henrik Arnstad was also named a ”shooting member for life” of the Fraternity of Saint George:

To testify before all that thee a venerable archer in the longbow shotted thine arrows for glory, with courage and in goode sport with the Fraternity of Saint George. That in so doing thou art now a shooting member for life, of this unitie laudable and free company of archers.

My deepest gratitude to the Fraternity of Saint George for this tremendous honor!