Forskning om bågskytte-amazoner uppmärksammas i Storbritannien

Webbpublikationen ”English Historical Fiction Authors” uppmärksammar min forskning om engelska bågskjutande kvinnor under 1700- och 1800-talen, utifrån uppsatsen ”The Amazon Archers of England: Longbows, gender and English nationalism 1780–1845”:

As the Georgian period drew to a close, an increasing fascination with the medieval past led to a revival of the English archery tradition. The privileged gentry class, not required to work for their living, had time to indulge in pastimes like sporting activities. And indulge they did.

While most sporting activities effectively barred women from participation—exertion, sweating, running and all the odd postures that might be necessary were decidedly unladylike— archery was not only considered an acceptable pastime, but an activity where women could show off their grace and ‘feminine form’ without risk of being considered vulgar.

Artikeln noterar att acceptansen för kvinnliga bågskyttar var större vid början av 1800-talet än hundra år senare, vid början av 1900-talet.

Despite the acceptance of women in archery societies, including Princess Victoria, who later ascended to the throne as queen, it is noteworthy that the birth of the Olympic movement and modern sports in the 1900s suddenly made women’s participation in the sport controversial.

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