’Controlling the arriving “other”: Migration, racism and change’ presented at Stockholm University

The paper ’Controlling the arriving “other”: Migration, racism and change’, by Henrik Arnstad, has been presented at Stockholm University’s dept. of History:

The paper suggest, that migration studies could progress, if combining its theories with those of racism studies. Migration studies are primarily concerned with notions of power, politics and control. I would argue that racism – regarded as a political ideology concerned with social power – can be a part of this, and could be included as such. In this paper, I will try to formulate a form of synthesis, between migration studies and racism studies, to suggest the value of further research.

skarmavbild-2016-10-28-kl-11-25-56The paper discusses changes in racism, connected to changing circumstances regarding Muslim, Finnish and Jewish migration, during the 20th Century. It aims at furthering academic studies, concerning state control of migration. The paper argues that there are indications, that there is a connection between controlling migration and the use of racist ideology.

Download the paper here (PDF).